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Mohammadi Khouzani, N., Ahmadi, A., Yousefi, A., & Abbaspour, K. C. (2024). Tracing water resources flows by complementary use of hydrological and water accounting models. Hydrological Processes, 38(3), e15098. March 2024
Yousefi, A., Knieper, C., & Pahl-Wostl, C. (2024). State-centric water governance and ineffective coordination: developing a context-sensitive assessment in Iran’s rentier state. International Journal of Water Resources Development. April 2024
Yousefi, A., Maleki-zadeh, M., Nikooie, A., Ebrahimi, M. (2023). Impact of Subsidy Policy on the Drip Irrigation Systems under Non-Volumetric and Volumetric Water Allocation in the Najafabad Aquifer. JWSS - Journal of Water and Soil Science, 26 (4):1-20. January 2023
Pahl-Wostl, C., Lukat, E., Stein, U., Tröltzsch, J., & Yousefi, A. (2023). Improving the socio-ecological fit in water governance by enhancing coordination of ecosystem services used. Environmental Science & Policy, 139, 11-21. January 2023
Yousefi, A. (2023). Reviving the Zayandeh Rud River: Inquiring the Remained Opportunities. Iran-Water Resources Research, 18(4), 179-185. January 2023
Dombrowsky, I., A., Lenschow, F., Meergans, N., Schütze, E., Lukat, U., Stein, A., Yousefi (2022). Effects of policy and functional (in)coherence on coordination, Environmental Science & Policy, 131: 118-127. May 2022
Loghmani Khouzani, S. T., Kirschke, S., Yousefi, A., & Liedl, R. (2022). The effect of policy incoherence on the emergence of groundwater-related subsidence phenomena: a case study from Iran. Water International, 47(2), 181-204. March 2022
Zarepour Moshizi, M., Yousefi, A., Amini, A.M., P. Shojaei (2022). Rural vulnerability to water scarcity in Iran: an integrative methodology for evaluating exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity. GeoJournal. Summer 2022
Yousefi, A., Knieper, C., Pahl-Wostl, C., 2021. Restoring the Zayndeh Rud River: Addressing the Political Causes of Water Shortage in the Zayandeh Rud River, Iran, Briefing Paper 19, German Development Institute, Bonn, Germany. DOI: 10.23661/bp9.2021.v1.1 January 2021
Yousefi, A. (2021). How to apply the theory of planned behavior in explaining the pattern of domestic water consumption, Iran-Water Resources Research, 17(2), pp. 267-272. Summer 2021
Shakerian M, Yousefi A, Amini A, Nikouei A R. Factors Affecting on Energy Efficiency of Greenhouse Cucumber Production in Central Region of Isfahan Province, Iran. JSPI. 2020; 11 (2) :29-40 Summer 2020
Barati, K., Abedi Koupai, J., Darvishi, E., Arzani, A., & Yousefi, A. (2020). Crop Pattern Optimization using System Dynamics Approach and Multi-Objective Mathematical Programming. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 22(5), 1397-1412. Winter 2020
• Barati, K., Koopaei, A. A., Azari, A., Darvishi, E., & Yousefi, A. (2019). Groundwater Modeling to Determine Hydrodynamic Coefficients in Unconfined Aquifer (Case Study: Kermanshah Plain). Iranian Journal of Soil and Water Research, 50(3), 687-700. August 2019
Barati, K., Abedikoupaee, J., Darvishi, E., Azari, A., Yousefi, A. (2018). Estimation of Net Irrigation Requirement of the Crop Pattern in Kermanshah Plain and Comparison with the Data in the National Water Document. Journal of Water Research in Agricultu Winter 2019
Yadegeri, A., Yousefi, A. and Amini, A. (2018). Institutional analysis of water governance in Iran: a case of Zayande-Rood basin, Iran-Water Resources Research, 14 (1): 184-197. Spring 2018
Shakerian, M., Yousefi, A. and Amini, A. (2017). Energy efficiency improvement and CO2 emission reduction in greenhouse cucumber, Journal of Science and Technology of Greenhouse Culture, 8(3): 13-24. Fall 2017
Yousefi, A., Amini, A., Yadegari, A. and Fathi, O. (2017). Sustainability of Zayande-Roud’s water governance regimes in the course of development, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, 9(4): 23-48. Fall 2017
Mahdian, S., Amini, A. and Yousefi, A. (2016). Factors affecting the success of rural production cooperatives in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province with emphasis on managerial skills. (2016). Iranian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development. Summer 2016
Yousefi, A., Amini, A. M., Fathi, O., and Yadegari, A. (2016). Farmers' and authorities' attitudes towards the water conflict resolution methods in Zayandeh-Rud river. Journal of Water and Soil Science (JSTNAR), 20(76), 143-159. Summer 2016
Karbasi, P., Amini, A. and Yousefi, A. (2016). Effect of targeted subsidies plan on the efficiency and productivity of dairy farms in Isfahan county. Journal of Animal Science Researches, 25(4), 169-178. Winter 2016
Abolfathzadeh, Z., Yousefi, A. and Amini, A. (2016). Evaluation of factors affecting rural women empowerment in Isfahan city. Women Studies, 7(15), 1-27. Spring 2016
Sandoghi, A., Yousefi, A. and Amini, A. M. (2016). Farmers’ knowledge, attitude and practice of healthy greenhouse cucumber and tomato production in Isfahan County. Journal of Science and Technology of Greenhouse Culture, 7(3), 155-167. doi:10.18869/ac Summer 2016
Shahabinejad, M., Yousefi, A. and Amini, A. (2015). Assessing farmers' willingness to participation in land consolidation projects in Meymeh district, Isfahan. Journal of Applied Research in Geographical Science, 15(37), 7-24. Summer 2015
Sandoghi, A., Yousefi, A. and Amini, A. M. (2015). Factors Affecting Cucumber and Tomato Greenhouse Farmers' Attitudes towards the Healthy Crops Production in Isfahan County, Journal of Science and Technology of Greenhouse Culture, 6 (22), 95-106. Summer 2015
Mahdian, S., Amini, A. and Yousefi, A. (2015). Assessing the satisfaction level of rural production cooperative members regarding internal service quality in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province. Co-Operation and Agriculture, 4(13), 53-72. Spring 2015
Yousefi, A. and Mahdian, Sh.(2015). The Economic and Social Necessity of Water Reuse in Iran, Journal of Water Reuse, 1(1): 1-7. Winter 2015
Sajadi, S., Yousefi, A. and Amini, A. M. (2015). Evaluating financial performance of agricultural insurance fund in Hamadan province, Agricultural Extension and Education Research, 7(28): 43-60. Winter 2015
Lotfalian, Z., A. Yousefi, and A. M. Amini, (2014). Evaluating Marketing Channel of Fresh Grape and Raisin in Maleyer County, Agricultural Economics and Development, 22(86):75-97. Summer 2014
Khalaj, S. and Yousefi, A. (2014). Mapping the Incidence and Intensity of Multidimensional Poverty in Iran Urban and Rural Areas, Modares Journal of Spatial Planning, 18(4): 49-70. Fall 2014
Amini, A.M., Yousefi, A., Nazari-pour, M. and Saraee, S. (2014). Assessing the Impact of Management Skills on the Productivity of Lying Farms in Isfahan Province, Rural Planning and Research, 3(7): 39-50. Fall 2014
Yousefi, A., M. Hasan-zadeh and A. Keramat-zadeh (2014). The Welfare Effect of Water Market Allocation in Iranian Economy, Iran-Water Resources Research, 10(1): 15-25. Spring 2014
Hasanzadeh, M., H. Sadeghi, A. Yousefi, B. Sahabi and A. Ghanbari (2013). Oil Price Fluctuations and Household Welfare in Iran, The Economic Research, 12(4): 55-74. January 2013
Sajadi S. A. M., Amini and A. Yousefi (2013). An Evaluation of the Performance and Factors Affecting the Insurance of Agricultural products in Hamedan Province from Expert’ Points of View, Insurance and Agriculture, 9(33-34): 125-141. January 2013
Balali, H., Zamani, O. and Yousefi, A. (2013). Economic Growth and Environmental Pollution with Emphasis on Oil Price Fluctuation, Journal of Planning and Budgeting, 18(3): 49-66. Fall 2013
Yousefi A., Asadi-Khoob H. and Afshari, M. (2013). The Measurement of Multidimensional Poverty in Iran Nomads, Iranian Agricultural Economics Journal, 7(2): 47-67. Summer 2013
Yousefi, A., S. Khalilian and H. Balali (2011). Strategic Importance of Water in Iranian Economy: a Computable General Equilibrium Modeling, Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development, 25 (1): 109-120. April 2011
Khalilian S., A. Yousefi, H. Balali, A. Keramat Zade (2008). Corrected Economic Growth in the Third Development Plan Regard to Forest and Pasture Depreciation, Journal of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Bo- Alli Sina university, 7(4): 13-24. September 2008
Keramatzade, A., A. M. Chizari, A. Yousefi and H. Balali (2007), Integrated Optimal Allocation of Agricultural Water in Barzo River Basin, Iranian Journal of Agricultural Economics,1(2): 11-29. October 2007
Khalilian, S., S. H. Mosavi and A. Yousefi (2006). Estimation of Technical Efficiency in Crop Production Regard to the Utilized Irrigation System in Sharekord City, Journal of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, University of Ferdowsi, 20(1): 125-134. November 2006
Chizari, A. H., A. Yousefi and S. H. Mosavi (2006). A survey on Ornamental Markets In Iran by Using Mathematical Programming, Agricultural Economics and Development, 55: 47-66. April 2006

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