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Lotfalian, Z., A. Yousefi, and A. M. Amini, (2014). Evaluating Marketing Channel of Fresh Grape and Raisin in Maleyer County, Agricultural Economics and Development, 22(86):75-97.


In the transition of traditional agriculture and increasing the production, agricultural marketing has become increasingly important. Marketing costs influences the consumer and producers prices and total welfare. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the marketing channel of grape in both the fresh and raisin in Malayer County, Hamedan province in 2010-2011. Therefore, the marketing margin, the share of marketing agents, the marketing cost coefficient and the marketing efficiency was calculated and analyzed.The study sample consisted of 379 farmers, 14 wholesale and 60 retailers. The main marketing channels of fresh grape and raisin are "producer- local dealer- retailer" and "producer-wholasaler- retailer". The results show that the sale profit of raisin is more than fresh grape. Furthermore, in the most of the channels, marketing margin and inefficiency are high and retailer margin is more than wholesaler margin. According to the results of estimation of efficiency, the main marketing channels have no suitable efficiency.

JEL Classification: Q13, L11, L66

Keywords: Marketing Margin, Marketing Efficiency, Grape, Raisin, Malayer County.



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